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Maria from Texas



from Texas

Maria is a kind and thoughtful child. She is a happy child who likes to shine in the spotlight. She also has a silly and goofy side to her! Maria can be very energetic and enjoys interacting with other children her age. Maria loves to draw and create things. She is very artistic and extremely talented in her abilities. Maria loves to spend time reading and watching movies. She also enjoys playing with animals and loves to dance! Maria is a smart young lady and values education. In school, she does well and is an A/B honor roll student. Maria is a bilingual child, speaking both English and Spanish. She is all about leveling up her life! She's actively working on building healthy habits, even when things get tricky. Maria is utilizing her toolbox of skills and is always open to learning new skills.

Maria will benefit from a family who is patient and interacts with her. She will benefit from a family with a structure and routine schedule Maria can follow. Her family will be active and nurturing. Maria will need consistent redirection for rules. Maria will benefit from a family who can improve her self-esteem and teach her self-worth. The ideal family will have no other children to provide Maria's one-on-one attention to thrive. Maria enjoys spending time doing family activities. She will benefit from a family who is bilingual in Spanish so that she does not lose her connection to her first language. Maria's family will teach her life skills and make her feel loved and worthy.

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