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Matthew from Texas



from Texas

Matthew is a friendly, courteous and caring boy. His own kindness, thoughtfulness toward others, and sense of fair play qualifies him as a super kid. He warms the hearts of others by leaving wonderful messages, wishing them a great day and God's blessings. He is open and honest, willing to share about himself when he feels comfortable and accepted. Friendship is very important to Matthew. He knows what it is to be a good friend. When asked how he chooses his close friendships, he advised that a good friend helps you out and asks, "Hey are you ok?" He advised they ask if you need a "personal bubble" or "do you need to talk." He enjoys playing football, drawing, coloring pictures of Fortnite, shopping for clothes, and playing video games. His favorite footballs teams are the UT Longhorns and Houston Texans. His favorite basketball team is the LA Lakers. His favorite baseball team is Houston Astros. He loves to eat out. His favorite foods are Mexican food, Chinese food, and buffalo wings. He dislikes fish though he has recently discovered an affinity for fish sticks. Matthew is a reflective child. He asks questions and seeks to really know and understand those he cares about. He listens to gentle guidance and responds well to the opportunity to reflect and talk through a problem. If he cannot resolve the problem, he is able to achieve a sense of acceptance. Matthew has come from a very hard place, but he is working on not letting that be the signature story of his life. He is full of love and full of hugs. Matthew has bravely continued to trust through some very difficult times. Matthew longs for the day he has a forever family to share interests and time with. Visit me at the The Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

Matthew's forever family will be loving. His family will provide individual attention and unconditional love. He gets along well with other children, but Matthew needs a home where there is an individual focus on him and where he has his own important place in the family. He likes school, though at times needs redirection in the classroom. Matthew's family will participate proactively in his education to keep him academically on track and encourage him to feel his own success. His family will have a willingness to foster his understanding and connection to his culture is preferred. On Matthew's wish list for his forever family is a family that "will treat me nice and care about me", and also play video games with him!

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