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Maurshayla from Texas



from Texas

Maurshayla is by far the sweetest child you will meet. She loves to make other people happy, and she wants someone to joke around with her. Shayla has a very laid-back personality and it takes a lot to truly get her upset. She loves the strong sibling connection she has with her older brother Maurice. She says they can just look at each other and know what the other one is thinking. Shayla makes friends very easily and is loved by all of her teachers. She does well in school. Shayla is quick to volunteer if the need arises, but at times she needs reminders to complete her chores in a timely manner. Shayla definitely has a "go-with-the flow" personality, meaning tasks will get done in time. Shayla, like her older sister, has a very kind heart and does not like to see people hurting or in need. She does not have any problems standing up for herself or her siblings if needed. Shayla takes pride in the fact she still has relationships with all of her siblings and can count on any of them.

Maurchelle, Maurice, Maurshayla, and Maurtricia are a group of siblings who are very close with each other. These siblings depend on each other in their own unique independent ways. They love spending time together. This group is filled with vibrant, yet opposite personalities. Maurchelle is the eldest and keeps her younger sibling in order. She is very outgoing and loves hanging out with her friends. Maurice is the jokester who loves teasing his siblings and having a good time. He is active in sports and loves listening to music. Maurshayla is a more laid-back child who can be quiet at times. She loves reading and going to school. Maurtricia is the youngest of the bunch, but she can be the most vocal of the group. She loves playing video games and doesn't have any problems expressing her feelings.

Shayla will benefit from an active, patient and understanding single mother, or a two-parent home with a mother and father. She will thrive in a home where she is with her siblings and who has experience raising teenagers. It is important that her family is understanding of the connection she has with her siblings and will maintain this strong sibling connection. A family who can provide the attention, care, love and proper guidance she needs will be ideal. Her family will offer a structured setting and a home that can provide security and long-term permanence. Most importantly, Shayla's family will love her forever.

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