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Maurtricia from Texas



from Texas

Maurtricia is very active and likes to be involved in many activities. Maurtricia loves going to arcades, the movie theatre, bowling, and out to eat at restaurants. During her down time, you will find her playing video games, making arts and crafts, swimming, talking on the phone, playing video games on her tablet, and watching movies. Maurtricia loves spending time with her siblings and participating in family functions. She loves being the center of attention, laughing and joking with her friends and siblings. She is very articulate and does not have a problem speaking up for herself. She makes good grades at school and is a member of the school band. She looks forward to participating in summer camps, church events, group activities, and sibling visits.

Maurice, Maurshayla, and Maurtricia have a very close sibling bond. They look up to one another and talk every day. They depend on each other in their own special way and love spending time together. They are filled with love, happiness, and opposite personalities. Maurtricia is the youngest. She can be the most vocal of the group. She is energetic and loves playing video games, making arts and crafts and does not have a problem expressing her feelings. Maurshayla has a more laid-back personality. She can be quiet when meeting new people but will eventually open up. Maurshayla enjoys reading, shopping, Starbuck's and nail salons. Maurice is the athlete and comedian of the family. He loves teasing his siblings and making them laugh. Maurice enjoys listening to music, participating in summer camps, and swimming. Maurice plays for the school football and basketball team. He participates in track and field and is a member of the school band.

Maurtricia will benefit from an active, patient and understanding family. She will thrive in a home where she is with her siblings. It is important that her family is understanding of the connection she has with her siblings. Her family will provide her with the attention, care, love and proper guidance she needs. Her family will offer a structured setting and a home that can provide security and long-term permanence. Most importantly, her family will love her forever.

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