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Melba from Texas



from Texas

Melba is a funny, energetic teenager who likes to go by "MJ". Melba is gender fluid but typically prefers the pronouns she, her, hers. She is developmentally on target. MJ is an aware young lady who will appear timid when first meeting someone, however once she is comfortable, she loves to talk. She can vocalize her needs and desires. She enjoys laughing and being around other people. MJ has participated in school activities in the past and loves to write and draw. MJ loves to play volleyball and basketball. MJ has wants to become a caseworker or police officer and has expressed interest in helping children. She makes friends easily and enjoys talking with distant friends on social media. In her spare time, she does arts and crafts.

Daniel and Melba are brother and sister who are close in age, but they each have very different personalities while still maintaining some similar interests. Daniel loves taking on his big brother role and is protective of his sister. Both kids enjoy laughing and playing games together, but they especially enjoy teasing each other. The siblings have a close connection with one another. Daniel is more introverted than his sister is and loves playing sports; however, once he becomes your friend, he does not hesitate to express his love and affection to you. Melba is a very social child; Melba is easily engaged and loves making new friends. Melba loves reading books and being on social media. The siblings' personalities are very complimentary of one another and make this sibling group so much fun.

MJ desires to be adopted. She will do well with a family who offers patience and consistency, along with careful supervision. A family who will commit to allowing MJ a safe place to express herself and continue to allow her contact with her biological family. The family for MJ will be able to give some one-on-one attention but also know when to allow her some independence. MJ will need to be monitored with other children. She responds best to a consistent, rewarding and structured environment. MJ has shown some progress over time the ideal family will be patient with her stumbling blocks but also willing to celebrate even the smallest of milestones.

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