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Michael from Texas



from Texas

Meet Michael! He is a very active boy full of energy. Michael tends to play by himself, he loves to run around and look out of the windows. He is a clever and persistent child, frequently finding escape routes out of rooms. Michael is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. He benefits from close, individual attention and supervision. Michael also benefits from having behavior modeled for him and redirections. Although Michael is non-verbal, he is learning new ways to express his wants and needs. Michael shows affection by sitting on one's lap and laying his head on you. He has a lot of energy and new experiences to share with his forever family. Along with looking forward to nights of eating pizza, crispy tacos, French fries, burritos, fruit, dry cereal, and chips with his family.

Michael will do best in a two parent household due to the level of supervision he needs. Michael will benefit from caregivers who are knowledgeable about autism and who will seek and continue therapeutic interventions. His family will need to be patient as Michael has a hard time expressing his wants and needs. Caregivers will be proactive, understanding, and flexible. Michael will acclimate better to a structured home.

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