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Michael from Texas



from Texas

Michael is very smart, and he is a leader and a protector. Michael uses Legos to self-soothe himself on a daily basis. He enjoys school very much and loves to go on trips. Michael has recently started playing Pokemon. He loves searching for new character cards from Pokemon. Michael loves video games and playing on the computer. Michael loves to swim and play pool games. He loves listening to music and drawing in his free time. His favorite food is chicken and pizza. Michael's favorite is to laugh. He is very sarcastic and always has a joke to tell. He loves going to the community after school to play basketball with his peers. Michael enjoys just being outside and running around. Michael will be a wonderful addition to a loving and caring forever family.

Michael will do well in a two-parent or single parent home. Michael's forever family will be patient and provide him a lot of support. Michael is independent but will need re-direction when he breaks a rule. Michael would love to have a family that is active and love swimming as much as he do.

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