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Misty from Texas



from Texas

Misty is a sweet girl who can be somewhat shy and reserved at first. She has a big heart for animals and has spent a lot of her time volunteering to help care for horses at a local horse stable. Misty also enjoys being around dogs and the more dogs she's able to have around her, the happier she is! She would like to work with animals when she gets older. Misty has a creative soul and is interested in anything art related that may help her express herself. She enjoys learning new arts and crafts, studying origami and practicing her skills building more difficult projects. She is interested in learning how to use a camera and improving her photography abilities. She can't wait for her forever family.

Misty's forever family will provide her with unconditional love and care Her family will provide constant reassurance not just with words, but with actions to build trust. Misty would do best with a single or two parent home with only women. Misty's family will provide a lot of support and will allow and encourage her to participate in extracurricular activities in or out of school. Of course, she would also love to be in a family with many pets.

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