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Moses from Texas



from Texas

Moses is a child with medical needs who is most comfortable and content in places in which he is familiar. Moses communicates in a nonverbal manner and uses a wheelchair for mobility. Moses enjoys sitting outside and observing his surroundings. He is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, and Fragile X Syndrome. Moses has a vagus nerve stimulator implant, which helps reduce seizure activity. Moses has a feeding tube for nourishment and he is thriving. He has medical staff who come to his home to assist in his care. Moses receives educational services and physical therapy while at school. He is a sweet loveable child with a good disposition. Moses enjoys watching cartoons and listening to music. He will make eye contact with his caregivers and thrives when he is given attention from people with whom he has a bond. Moses has a routine that he is accustomed to but easily adjusts to new routines. Moses will smile every now and then.

Moses needs a loving, caring family who will care for him and is able to understand his special medical needs and challenges. The family must be willing to work with his medical professionals and meet his needs 24 hours a day with the assistance of caregivers. The family can be a one or two parent family with or without other children. A single parent will need a strong support system to help meet the needs of Moses.

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