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Moses from Texas



from Texas

Moses has a friendly and carefree personality. He is an adorable young boy who charms everyone that he meets. Moses is easy to get along with once he gets to know you. He is a caring and compassionate child that needs much love and personal attention. He is thoughtful and can pick up on the emotions of others with whom he comes into contact. His smile can brighten up any room that he enters. He is funny, likes to make others laugh and gets along well with others. He enjoys receiving treats and surprises, this makes him feel loved and special. Moses enjoys playing basketball, which he plays every day at recess and after school. He also has a love for football and plays with his friends whenever he gets a chance.

Moses's forever family will be one that is loving and can provide him comfort and security. He will flourish with a family where he is the only child so that that he can receive one-on-one attention. Moses desires a two-parent household with both a mom and a dad and says, "I want them to take me to school". His family will be energetic so that they can keep up with his interest in sports. He would thrive with a family that showers him with words of affirmation and shows him unlimited affection. Moses would also love to have a pet dog.

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