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Nataliia from Texas



from Texas

Nataliia is a fearless, bubbly, and charismatic young lady who loves to give hugs. Nataliia is very social and makes connections with others quickly and effortlessly. She is artistic and enjoys painting rocks, making bracelets, and writing songs. Nataliia can speak Russian, Ukrainian, and English. Her favorite color is red, but she also likes pink, gold, and silver. She loves all things glittery and girly. Nataliia likes to paint her nails and toes and is becoming interested in beauty-related activities. She loves sweets like cakes and pies and especially donuts. Root beer is her favorite drink, and she loves root beer floats. Nataliia treasures her collection of stuffed animals. Nataliia likes doing things outside, such as swimming and hiking. She likes nature and listening to nature sounds and is interested in working with animals and being outdoors.

Nataliia will benefit from a family who is patient and understanding of her needs. Nataliia will thrive in a family that provides consistency and structure. A two-parent household would be ideal. However, Nataliia has done well in single-parent homes. Nataliia desires a connection with a family that will love her unconditionally. It is important for her family to be resourceful and willing to support her interests and participate in activities together. Nataliia would benefit from one-on-one time with the family. Nataliia would do well in a home with few other children and enjoy having pets.

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