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Nataliia from Texas



from Texas

Nataliia is a sweet and engaging child. At times, she can be hasty in her actions but thrives in an environment with routines and structure. Her favorite color is red, but she also likes pinks, golds, and silver. She loves all things that are glittery and "girly." Nataliia likes to dress up, paint her nails and toes, and is becoming interested in beauty related activities. She is eager to make friends and thinks of others as friends quickly. She likes to direct play with others. Setting and respecting boundaries is an ongoing process for Nataliia. She loves sweets, like cakes and pies, and especially donuts. Root beer is her favorite drink and she also loves root beer floats. Nataliia is not keen to try new foods, especially vegetables. She treasures her collection of stuffed animals, especially her cats. She enjoys playing with her Barbie dolls and dressing them up. Nataliia also enjoys doing things outside, like swimming and hiking. She likes nature and listening to nature sounds on a sound machine at night. Nataliia is very aware of sounds; she doesn't like fire alarms or sudden loud noises. Nataliia a very active child, she likes to be involved in many activities throughout the day. She is energetic and benefits from reminders to keep quiet or focused. Nataliia is very good at creating craft projects, and one of her favorite projects in the past was painting and polishing rocks.

Nataliia is looking for a forever family. She would like a family who understands where she has been and will work with her towards being happy and successful in her life. Nataliia's family should be structured and consistent. She will thrive in a family who is active and likes to do things and go places. Nataliia wants a family who loves animals as much as she does, especially cats. Her family will value an education and encourage her to reach her goals. They will have the patience and understanding to help her be successful. Nataliia's family will be proactive in seeking resources and actively involved in her education. She will benefit from being the youngest or only child in the family. Nataliia wants to feel secure, loved unconditionally, and accepted by her family.

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