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Nathaly from Texas



from Texas

Nathaly has a bubbly and chatty personality! She is vocal and likes to ensure she gets her thoughts across to anyone willing to listen. Nathaly is strong-willed and loves being a leader. She enjoys socializing and going on outings, this is what makes her happy. Nathaly is resilient and does not allow challenges to stop her from achieve what she want. She has made great strides in the last 6 months; her mobility, strength, and independence has improved. Nathaly is eager to learn how to walk and eventually will achieve that goal. She utilizes a wheelchair sometimes to move around. The two most important holidays to Nathaly are her birthday and Christmas. She likes preparing for her birthday months in advanced, the planning process is the most amazing thing for her. Nathaly is thrilled about going to school. Besides going on outings, her next favorite place to be is school. She enjoys learning and her favorite subjects are reading and P.E. Nathaly is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Nathaly will benefit from a family who has some medical background; however, it is not a necessity. Her ideal family will care for Nathaly with lots of love and patience. Nathaly needs a family who is caring, compassionate, and committed to long-term care.

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