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Nathan from Texas



from Texas

Nathan is an enthusiastic young boy who can brighten your day. He enjoys baking and his favorite snack to bake is banana bread. He loves to talk on the phone and can have open and honest conversations when comfortable. Nathan enjoys reading books and drawing. He enjoys watching gold because his grandparent is a golfer. Nathan is an independent young boy who enjoys doing his own laundry and sees it more as something fun rather than a chore. He is a huge helper and enjoys to help with anything he can, even if it is something small. He loves playing video games and drawing. He loves school and his favorite subjects are science, math, reading and social studies. Nathan's dream is to have a farm one day with lots of animals. He enjoys playing sports but especially loves football. Nathan wants to be on a football team one day. Nathan overall is a sweet and respectful young boy.

Nathan would benefit in a home with clear, and defined rules. Nathan's forever family will provide clear boundaries. Nathan at times needs redirection and help when it comes to dealing with his emotions whether it be anger or frustration. Nathan would benefit from a family who will redirect him when needed and encourage him often to make positive choices when needed. He is a great helper and would benefit from a family who would allow him to help with things around the home, even if it is small like weekly laundry. Nathan is not hard to please and his forever family will love him, but also be patient with him. Nathan's dream family is a two-parent household, with three dogs, 1 sister, and 2 brothers. Nathan's family will love attending outings and staying busy.

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