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Nathaniel from Texas



from Texas

Nathaniel is sweet and kind teenager. At first, he may seem shy and come off as quiet while he is getting to know new people. However, once he gets to know people and is more comfortable, he has a talkative and outgoing personality. Nathaniel is smart and does well in school. He enjoys playing all kids of sports, but his favorite sports to play are basketball and football. Nathaniel's interests include playing outdoors, watching sports, playing video games, watching television, and spending time with his friends. Sports definitely bring out the competitive and disciplined side of Nathaniel. He's easy-going but is up for a fun spontaneous adventure! Nathaniel is looking forward to finding a forever family who is patient, loving, and has similar interests as him. He will benefit from a structured environment for his active personality.

Nathaniel will benefit from a caring family who is patient and has his same interests in sports and outdoor activities. He will thrive in a family who is able to provide a structured environment for him. Nathaniel will also do well with a family who is very involved and has experience in parenting.

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