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Nayeli from Texas



from Texas

Nayeli is friendly with a sweet personality that stands out. She looks forward to making interactions with other people, especially people she has never met before. Nayeli sees the best attributes of those around her and makes a point to give compliments. She really enjoys using her imagination while playing with different toys or engaging in play with her younger siblings. She is very talkative and respectful when interacting with others. Nayeli loves to play with monster trucks, but she also enjoys playing with barbie dolls. She loves to learn and really puts forth initiative when she is learning new subjects and activities. Nayeli has a big heart and is always caring for those that are around her. There is no doubt that Nayeli strives to be happy and keep those around her as happy as she is.

Nayeli, Royce, Emery, and Evelyn are a sibling group who loves each other very much and enjoy their time together! Nayeli is the eldest sibling; she has a very outspoken, friendly, and caring personality. She is open to playing with anything, as she has a big and creative imagination. Royce is the second eldest of the group; he is outspoken, loving, and active. He enjoys playing with superhero toys, cars, and playing outside whenever he has the chance. Emery is the third in the group; she is a hyper young girl who has a very affectionate and loving personality. She really enjoys using her imagination, and she is not picky over which toys she plays with. Evelyn is the youngest of the sibling group; she is an active child who loves to play with her siblings, especially being a part of their make-believe games. She has a loving, outspoken, and affectionate personality. Evelyn is like her sisters, and they share the same interest, using their imagination for play. All four children eat well and are not picky eaters. This group will thrive in a family who accepts them and all their interests!

Nayeli's forever family will be one that sets healthy boundaries in reminding her that she is a child and that her adoptive parents will be parenting and caring for her younger siblings. Nayeli's family will enjoy engaging in many family and recreational activities. Her family will be nurturing and provide her with good communication, humor and love.

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