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Neran from Texas



from Texas

Neran is a calm, happy boy. He loves playing basketball and has plans to be a Pro-NBA player when he is older. Neran will play basketball any time he has free time. He is working on improving his dribbling technique and dunks! Neran expresses himself through music. He listens to a variety of music artists and genres. If you ask Neran for a music recommendation, he will happily do so! Neran can also be quiet and reserved around new people but is very loving and charismatic around those he cares about. Neran enjoys making peers laugh and being a good influence on those around him. Neran shares a strong sibling bond with his brother. Neran does well in school and keeps his grades up. Neran's favorite class is gym because he can play basketball and improve his basketball skills. Neran is part of his school's middle school basketball team and will be trying out again next year at his new school. Neran enjoys talking about basketball teams and Avengers movies. Neran likes watching college basketball games and videos and attending fun events in his free time.

Neran and Ajush are brothers who share a lot of similarities and interests. Both Neran and Ajush are very close to one another and rely on each other. Both boys love basketball and hope to play basketball professionally when they are older. Neran is playing basketball on his middle school team, and Ajush will try out for the sport next year when he is eligible. Neran and AJush also love video games. Ajush is more extroverted and outgoing when meeting new people than Neran is. Ajush enjoys engaging with those who are friendly and very respectful. Once Ajush takes a liking to you, he will talk to you all day! Neran is more reserved with people he does not know too well. If Neran can see the effort put into getting to know him, he will be more open and receptive to conversations.

Neran will benefit from a structured, patient, and nurturing family. Neran is actively engaging in sports and activities inside and outside of school. Neran appreciates people taking the time to get to know him and actively attending his school events. Neran likes to be kept busy with fun activities but also enjoys a night in to relax and spend time with those who love him and his brother. Neran does well as an older brother figure to younger children but looks up to outgoing male figures who engage with him in things he likes, like sports, music, and video games. Neran hopes for a home that is willing to accept him and his brother, Ajush. Neran will thrive in a big family with strong bonds and open communication. Neran will benefit from a two-parent household that implements both structure and flexibility. This family will have to support Neran's wishes to continue participating in basketball in school.

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