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Nicholas from Texas



from Texas

Nicholas is a very fun and active youth. He enjoys playing all sorts of sports and video games. Nicholas gets along well with other children and is friendly to adults as well. He is a huge fan of professional wrestling, and he can tell you all about the various characters and athletes that he enjoys watching perform. Nicholas is doing well in school and is very proud of his academic achievements. He has a close connection to his sister, who is not a part of this adoption, and he is eager to maintain his connection with her. Nicholas has a very inquisitive personality and likes to know what is going on and what to expect. He advocates for himself, and he will share when there is something that he would like or needs. Nicholas readily accepts guidance from those around him and likes to make others happy.

Nicholas will benefit from a structured family who will guide him through his childhood. He will do best with a family who teaches him new skills. His family will be patient and understanding as he will need time to adjust to their rules and expectations.

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