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Nicholas from Texas



from Texas

Nicholas is a happy and energetic teenager who enjoys the simple things in life. He loves to laugh and be outdoors. Nicholas loves to cloud gaze and enjoys nature's beauty. He also loves to talk about the weather and how it affects the day. Nicholas enjoys learning about space and simple facts about each planet. He enjoys water activities and is fascinated about the idea of how water gutters and pipes are designed to carry water. Nicholas would take an interest in participating in water sports and experiments that involve water. Nicholas enjoys interacting with his peers and talking about his interests. He enjoys going on walks around the neighborhood and park. Nicholas's hopes and dreams are to one day have a family. Nicholas has a fun and loving spirit what will bring joy to your heart.

Nicholas' forever family will be one that will encourage him to be himself. Nicholas will thrive in a two-parent household where he can have supervision and support as he adjusts to his new surroundings. His parents will display a patient and calm demeanor while redirecting or engaging with him. His family will have experience working with children with similar needs to Nicholas and be able to provide him extra attention. His family will be one who advocates for him and ensures he receives everything he needs to have success in life. Nicholas enjoys being outdoors and exploring his surroundings, therefore a family who enjoys traveling and outdoor sports will be great for him. If possible, Nicholas's adoptive parents should enroll him in swimming classes. A family experienced working with Autistic children is highly recommended.

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