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Niko from Texas



from Texas

Niko is a sweet child who enjoys many physical activities such as playing sports, taking walks and hikes, running, and bike riding. He also enjoys listening to music, playing with Legos, coloring, and watching movies. He plays well in group settings but also can play alone and entertain himself. In school, Niko does well behaviorally and has only needed correction in this area in a few instances. He occasionally requires encouragement to stay on task and not rush through his assignments. His teachers describe him as a good student. At home, he is described as self-sufficient and can complete chores. He also enjoys helping others.

Jordan, Valentino, Niko, and Solara are an especially close sibling group! They play well with one another and relish the time they get to spend together. They are all active and energetic. This group enjoys participating in various types of activities such as watching movies, playing outside, and going on recreational outings. Jordan, Valentino, Niko and Solara like to play together and interact with one another. In addition, they also like having time to play separately as they are all individual children with distinct personalities. As with any sibling group, they engage in typical sibling behavior with one another. They are a close knit and bonded group. Visit us at the San Antonio Heart Gallery.

Niko needs a family who will give him individual attention and praise him for a job well done. Since he is part of a sibling group, a two-parent home is preferred. Niko will do great in a home that is active and structured.

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