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Oakley from Texas



from Texas

Oakley is a handsome, talkative, and imaginative young boy. He is extremely friendly and affectionate. He is almost always smiling and ready to tell you how beautiful you look and give you a hug. He loves to laugh a lot and he is very playful with everyone. He can be a little shy at times, but he loves the company of others. He is very curious and has a vivid imagination. He enjoys giving hugs. He is very amiable especially once he becomes familiar with his peers. He loves outdoor play, going out to eat, reading when he goes to the library and playing at the park. Oakley also loves playing with Legos and can talk your ear off if you let him. He responds well to redirection. He has a good appetite and will eat anything that he is support. At times, he has experienced some challenges while try to stay on task at school and can benefit from extra guidance. He does well with redirection and quiet time so he has an opportunity to reflect on what he can change. His school has started him in the PAWS program where he gets to work with dogs during the school day and he really enjoys that.

Oakley's forever family will commit to him wholeheartedly and provide him with the attention and guidance that he needs. His family will be highly structured, consistent with rules, and able to provide a lot of stability. His family will be loving parents who are patient, understanding, and can help him build trust and confidence. If he is placed in a home with other children, it is recommended that he be with children who are his same age or older.

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