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Orion from Texas



from Texas

Orion Salinas enjoys watching Paw Patrol and playing. He enjoys taking his naps and does not like to be woken up. He is an early bird in the morning and will wake up by 6 am every day. Orion loves to be carried and will have a tantrum if not carried. Orion is diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He cannot eat with a fork and spoon on his own and has been working on feeding himself in occupational therapy. Orion will become upset when he can't express what he wants due to his speech delay. Caregiver stated that when he becomes upset, it is best to continue to talk to him in a calm voice and let him point to what he wants. Orion will be a great addition to a loving and supportive forever family.

Orion's forever family will love and support him with all of his needs. His family will be willing to accommodate his special needs. His family will be patient caregivers who are able to devote time to meet his needs.

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