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Perja from Texas



from Texas

Perja is a sweet and goofy girl. She loves being active, and she enjoys participating in step team and color guard. Perja enjoys listening to just about any genre of music. She is practicing managing her big emotions, and she will benefit from a nurturing and caring adult to teach her how to manage these strong emotions. Perja is learning daily how to model healthy relationships and boundaries. She enjoys the friendships she has created. Perja excels in school and enjoys learning about all subjects, except for math. She is resourceful and easily transitions from one task to another. Perja is witty and loves to have a good time.

Perja will do well in a two-parent family. She can take some time to warm up to the adults in her life. Her family will work to break down any barriers and be patient in doing so. Perja is waiting for a family to show her what it means to be part of a loving family who will be there for her.

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