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Preston from Texas



from Texas

Preston is a smart, thoughtful, and determined young boy. He is a very understanding and funny young man who likes to play outside and play video games during his free time. Preston enjoys outdoor activities including fishing. He is a responsible young man that is currently working at an on-campus job and building on his independent living skills. He enjoys playing with his Xbox, basketball, and listening to music. Preston enjoys going on outings like the movie theatres or main event. Preston does well in a structured and consistent environment. Like other kids his age, Preston can become upset when peers get on his nerves or when staff continuously tell him what to do. Preston does well when he is given positive reinforcement. Preston will be a great addition to a loving and caring forever family.

Preston will do well in a two parent household. His forever family will be understanding and willing to meet his needs. His forever family will be willing to learn with him as he grows. Preston's family will provide lots of patience, support and reinforcement.

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