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Ranaya from Texas



from Texas

Ranaya is a happy, loving, and caring girl who loves to give big hugs. Ranaya has a beautiful, radiant smile. Ranaya loves playing electronic games on her tablet, constructing different puzzles, coloring/drawing, or playing with her dolls. Her favorite doll is her Baby Alive doll. Her favorite color is yellow. She also enjoys dancing and loves to participate in dance classes. Ranaya also likes to sing and watch kid videos and other fun Disney movies. Her favorite movie is Encanto. Ranaya has a soft heart, which is shown in how she interacts with humans and animals. Ranaya has a strong desire to help others. She is very sensitive to the feelings of others. Because of her love for animals, Ranaya hopes to become a veterinarian when she grows up.

Ranaya would do best in a home without other children. She requires a lot of attention, reassurance, and nurturing. Being in a one- or two-parent home with patient and nurturing caregivers would be best. Ranaya benefits from patience and constant reinforcement of good behavior. Ranaya likes to feel special and that she matters. She does not want to disappoint others and needs a home where she can build trust. She thrives with parents who give her time, attention, and reassurance. Ranaya will thrive in a very structured home with praise, reward charts, and clear expectations. She will do well in a fair, predictable, and loving home.

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