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Ranaya from Texas



from Texas

Ranaya is a happy, loving, and caring young girl who loves to give big hugs. She gets along well with her sister and they share a close connection. Ranaya loves playing games on her tablet, coloring, and playing with baby dolls. Her favorite doll is her Baby Alive doll. Ranaya's smile is as bright as the sun! And her favorite color just happens to be sunny yellow. She is excited that she will be starting dance class. Ranaya also likes to sing, watch PJ Max, and other fun movies. If she could, she would eat cookies all day because they are her favorite snack. Ranaya responds positively to a structured home with praise, reward charts, clear expectations, and boundaries.

Victoria and Ranaya have a great connection with one another and look forward to a home where they can grow together. The sisters enjoy having their own rooms and quiet time, but also enjoy spending time watching movies, dancing, and playing dolls with one another. Victoria enjoys coloring while Ranaya enjoys singing her favorite songs. Some days, the sisters want to have everything done their way. Victoria and Ranaya benefit from being given attention together and when they are given individual time and attention. They long to be a part of a family where they can build trust and a home which is supportive. The sisters have a very strong love and enjoy being together.

Ranaya's forever family will be a nurturing and loving home for her and her sister. It would be best for them to be the only children as they will require a lot of time, attention and reassurance. Ranaya thrives in a very structured home with praise, reward charts, and clear expectations. Ranaya's family will be patient and provide constant and consistent reinforcement. Ranaya will do well in a home which is fair, predictable, and loving.

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