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Randall from Texas



from Texas

Randall is a very outgoing and energetic child who never seems to meet a stranger. He enjoys attention and being in the company of others. He loves everything to do with the outdoors, whether it's playing soccer, swimming, or riding bikes. Randall truly enjoys being outside. When he is not outside, Randall enjoys playing cars, reading, and using his imagination to build objects of interest with Legos. Randall loves to cook and dreams of becoming a chef when he grows up. He loves eating pizza and spaghetti with his favorite food being mac-n-cheese. Randall is creative and enjoys school with his favorite classes being reading, science and math. He enjoys creating experiments and watching how things work and function. He is full of energy with an overall fun loving and infectious personality. Randall can be very persistent when there is something that he desires, which shows his determination and at times can also result in Randall becoming withdrawn and frustrated when things do not go in his favor. Occasionally, Randall can have a difficult time focusing and adjusting to change. He is very outgoing and does not fear social interactions with others. Randall is a very happy and go lucky child who strongly desires to be a part of a loving family who can provide him with a sense of belonging. If Randall had three wishes, he would become a superhero, a successful chef, and have a family to call his own. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of North East Texas.

Randall has desires to be adopted by a caring and loving family. He will do well with a family who will offer him patience and consistency. A family who will commit to Randall and allow him to express himself and support him in reaching his goals, is desired. He needs a family who will provide him with an active, yet structured home environment, stability and love. Randall will benefit from a supportive and nurturing family who can provide him with his basic needs. Most of all, he needs a family who will be committed to him and be understanding of journey he will encounter along the way to becoming the person he strives to be.

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