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Randy from Texas



from Texas

Randy is a sweet youth who enjoys playing basketball and riding his bike. He loves to spend time outside so much that he would live outdoors if he could! His favorite foods are tacos and doughnuts, and like every other Texan, he loves Whataburger! Randy responds well to older male figures and he has positive interactions with his peers when someone is present to help guide him. Randy often needs reminders to comply with requests from adults and rules. He is very vocal about his needs and wants. Randy is a great advocate for himself! He isn't a big fan of school, but he does well with additional supports. Randy is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. He benefits from some additional guidance and structure at home and school on a regular basis. Randy responds well to an environment with clear boundaries and expectations.

Randy responds best to male figures, and he will do well in a family comprised of one or two fathers. He will benefit from a home that does not have other children his age or younger, or pets in the household. Ideally, he will be the only child in the home. Randy's forever family must provide structure and routine with positive reinforcement for positive behaviors. He responds well to an environment with clear boundaries and expectations while also offering safety and security. His family will patiently offer support and guidance through peer relationships and daily tasks. Randy's family will engage in lots of physical and outdoor activities with him as well as a quiet place indoors to decompress. A family in the country or with access to lots of outdoor space would be a great plus!

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