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Raven from Texas



from Texas

Raven is a sweet, friendly, and outgoing little girl. She is a social butterfly who loves interacting with people and making friends. She is very compassionate and understanding to other's needs. She is full of energy and very active. A few of her favorite activities include drawing, crafting, and writing. She is an excellent artist who enjoys drawing meaningful characters with a purpose. With her vivid imagination, Raven makes these characters come to life with the stories she tells. She also enjoys listening to a variety of music from hip hop to pop. She enjoys dancing, singing, moving, and being silly. She is a funny girl who likes to tell jokes and has a big sense of humor. Raven loves to smile and show her big personality. Raven is growing and maturing and coming into her own.

Raven's forever family will provide a loving, nurturing, and structured living environment for her. Her family will offer guidance, patience, and understanding to all of Raven's needs will be ideal. Raven's forever family will be committed to her for the rest of her life. Raven's family will protect her and keep her safe. Her family will commit to keeping her and her younger brothers together.

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