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Raymond from Texas



from Texas

Raymond is a caring and thoughtful child. He initially comes off as shy but once he is comfortable with you, his smile will light up your day. Raymond craves positive reinforcement and expresses his needs and wishes to those he trusts. He is self-aware, and he understands when he has made a mistake. Raymond is resilient and adapts to new situations when given support and understanding. He enjoys video games, origami, music and above all he loves to learn. Raymond would like to be a scientist one day, as he enjoys learning new things. Raymond says he is proud when he is successful in school. He loves learning about new things and is eager to do so. Raymond loves playing with bay blades and would like to have some of his own. He also enjoys spending time with his friends and playing outside.

Raymond will thrive in a home that offers daily structure. He needs a loving, supportive, patient, and encouraging forever family. He has stated that he would like a family with a mother and father.

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