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Renesmee from Texas



from Texas

Renesmee is a very sweet, loving, and bubbly girl who loves to play with her toys. She loves to be creative and enjoys building with Legos. She has a driven and motivated personality and strives to do well in school. Renesmee really enjoys dancing, singing, watching TV, and riding her bike. She loves Disney princesses and loves playing dress up with her Belle or Ana dresses. She loves coloring and collecting stuffed animals. She is shy when she first meets people, but then her outgoing personality eventually shines through. She is a good eater and has a good appetite. She loves Whataburger and Panda Express. She is open to exploring different types of food. Renesmee will be a great addition to a loving, caring, and nurturing forever family.

Renesmee's forever family will be a loving and able to give her the attention she needs. Her family will offer patience and consistency, along with careful supervision. Her forever family will be able to support her to thrive into adulthood. Renesmee will like a family that will allow her to maintain contact with her younger brother.

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