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Rico from Texas



from Texas

Rico is a very polite and friendly teen. He is a hard worker who wants people to like him. Rico has a positive attitude and is organized. Rico admits to being a perfectionist and he enjoys activities where he can demonstrate his intellect and skills, such as puzzles, card games, bowling, escape rooms, sports, and video games. He also loves superhero movies, especially the Marvel franchise. Rico does well in school and wants to become a mechanical engineer because he is good at math. He does best when he is motivated to succeed. Like many teens, Rico will occasionally test boundaries. However, he can reflect and gain intelligent insight into his behaviors and consequences afterwards. Rico likes to make the adults around him happy, but he can express himself and his needs if they are not being met. He likes to try new things and has had an interest in trying acting classes. Rico has a very positive outlook on his future and has career goals for when he graduates.

Rico will do well in a one or two-parent home with a loving and strong person(s) who will show and demonstrate affection. He will do best if he is the youngest child where he can model the other children. Rico will do well with siblings that share his competitive and outgoing nature. He needs parents who are structured and maintain a good daily routine. They will be patient and provide him with praise when he does something well and consistent re-direction when he breaks a rule. Rico would love a family who is active and encourages him to participate in activities to improve his self-esteem and social skills. His family will encourage peer relationships, extracurricular activities such as sports, and support teenage normalcy.

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