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Rose from Texas



from Texas

Rose can be described as loving, sweet, and sometimes shy. She needs time to warm up when getting to know others. She will take her time to build a relationship and feel comfortable around others. Once Rose has established that relationship, she will be very fun, funny, sweet, and silly. She enjoys watching tv series such as anime series. She also enjoys watching other related cartoons. She can spend all day watching cartoons that she likes and will spend days talking about it. Rose will show you who her favorite characters are and will show you all of her other merchandise as well. She also loves Billie Eilish and that type of music. Rose loves to sing and will sing all the time. She is also described as loving because she will be affectionate with those she cares for. She is very thoughtful and will be sure to show it with her art.

Rose's forever family will encourage her to be herself. Rose would do well in either a single-parent or two-parent household. Rose's family will provide structure and routine. Rose's family will be patient with her.

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