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Samuel from Texas



from Texas

Samuel is an energetic, determined, and loyal young man. He loves to play sports and he especially enjoys playing basketball and football. Samuel's favorite football team is the Dallas Cowboys. His favorite basketball team is the Golden State Warriors and Stephen Curry is his favorite player. Samuel is a very personable and social individual; he makes friends wherever he goes. He loves to have fun and joke around with everyone. He loves to play video games with anyone that is willing to play, and his favorite game is Call of Duty. Samuel is shy at first but becomes an open book once he feels comfortable. He is a respectful and driven child once he sets his mind to something he will not stop until he accomplishes his goal.

Samuel's forever family will be one that is structured and that can provide him with guidance. Samuel will benefit from a family that sets healthy boundaries and reminds him that he is a teenager. Samuel will benefit from a family with supportive parents that will guide him in the right direction when it comes to his educational needs and his decisions. Samuel's family will encourage him to participate in extracurricular activities as Samuel truly enjoys playing sports. Samuel does well with individuals that are open, direct, communicative, and nurturing.

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