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Samuel from Texas



from Texas

Samuel is a handsome school aged child. He is very loving and likes to cuddle. He loves playing with toys, especially cars and trains. His favorite thing is animals. He loves to read books about animals and play with soft stuffed animals or the Paw Patrol puppies. He enjoys watching TV, listening to music, coloring, and being outside. He also loves car rides and gets very excited when he gets to go on one. Samuel who likes to be called "Sammy" is autistic and benefits from support services. He loves to learn new things. Sammy continues to surprise everyone with the words he is learning and how he is able to read. Sammy knows most of his ADLs such as using the bathroom, brushing his teeth, taking a bath/shower, and can do these things without reminder prompts. Sammy can clean up after himself with instruction and is a big helper. Sammy enjoys living life to the fullest.

Sammy will thrive in a traditional or non-traditional home. His forever family will be patient and understand Sammy's needs. Sammy's forever family will be loving and nurturing. Samuel loves playing with other kids and would love a family with or without other children. His forever family will be supportive and provide all of his needs. A family who has experience working with children with autism would be ideal.

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