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Sebastian from Texas



from Texas

Sebastian is a sweet and playful child with a great sense of humor, even though he tends to be quiet, soft-spoken, and shy. Communication can sometimes be a challenge due to his speech disorder, but he opens up and talks when he feels comfortable. Sebastian has a keen interest in animals, particularly insects, and is knowledgeable about them. He is fascinated by the transformation of caterpillars into butterflies. Being outdoors brings him joy, and he also enjoys playing video games, building with Legos, and playing with walkie-talkies, typical activities for a young teen.

Delete Sebastian would thrive in a loving and secure family that offers structure and support. Providing unconditional love and a sense of belonging will help boost his self-esteem. A home with animals would be beneficial for Sebastian, and being the only child or a big brother would suit him well. It is also important for his forever family to be supportive of his relationship with his younger sister, who is not involved in this adoption process.

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