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Sebastian from Texas



from Texas

Sebastian is a quiet, soft-spoken, and shy child. He has a sweet and playful personality with a great sense of humor. He will talk with others when he feels comfortable. At times, Sebastian has difficulty communicating his needs due to a speech disorder. He loves to play with animals and is particularly interested in insects. He knows many facts about them. One fact which amazes him is how a caterpillar will turn into a butterfly. Sebastian enjoys being outdoors. Like many young teens, he enjoys his video games, especially Minecraft. He also enjoys building things with his Legos and playing with his walkie-talkies.

Sebastian needs a family who will provide him with a secure and structured environment. His family will offer unconditional love and foster a sense of belonging to help him build his self-esteem. Sebastian will do well in a home where there are animals. A home where he will be the only child would be ideal for him, or a home here he is the big brother. His forever family will be supportive of and help facilitate Sebastian's relationship with his younger sister, who is not a part of this adoption.

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