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Sergio from Texas



from Texas

Sergio has an energetic and bubbly personality! Sergio likes soccer and other sports. He enjoys active events and being outside. He likes for things to be organized and clean and even likes folding clothes! Sergio is friendly, loving, and kind. He is cooperative and helpful, and he makes positive relationships with others. He wants adults to be happy with him. Activities with Sergio are enjoyable because he has a positive outlook and finds ways to enjoy himself while doing almost anything. He has been working hard on learning the best ways to express his emotions and is always making progress. Sergio benefits from extra school support. He needs reminders to remain on task in some subjects and follow through on assignments. Sergio does well in social studies and science, which are subjects he enjoys. Sergio does well with social interaction at school and enjoys seeing his friends. He likes art class also. He has thought about his future and would like to get into welding as a profession. Sergio loves animals and would like to have a dog or a cat.

Sergio looks forward to being a part of his forever family! His family will need to be able to determine the positive attachments that he has and encourage those. Sergio's family will provide loving guidance in helping him learn to express himself and relate to others. His family will provide a very structured living environment but with lots of nurturing. Sergio thrives with clear expectations and routines so that he can trust his environment and his caregivers. His family will let him do exciting things and take him places he hasn't been. His ideal family would be in the city and in a large school system. Sergio wants a place he can call "home." His family will be patient and provide him time to adjust. His family will teach him what it means to be a part of a family who stays together, promotes what is best for each other, and one who treats each other with love.

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