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Seth from Texas



from Texas

Seth is a sweet, friendly, and loving boy. He has a bright smile which will light up the room. Seth enjoys watching movies, cartoons, and playing with his peers. He loves to play with toys, especially monster trucks and Legos. Seth is very active and does not know how to slow down at times, which is why he loves playing outdoors, burning off his energy! Some other activities Seth enjoys and engages in are: board games, kick ball, and electronic games. Some of Seth's favorite foods are tacos, spaghetti, and chicken nuggets. Seth enjoys school, especially recess and P.E. Seth also enjoys family get-togethers.

Seth is anxiously awaiting his forever home. Seth will do well with a family who likes the outdoors and family activities. Seth would also do great in a family with a mother and father, who can provide him with a stable, consistent, and nurturing home in which rules, boundaries, and expectations are clearly defined. But most importantly, Seth with thrive in a home where he will be cherished and loved!

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