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Shane from Texas



from Texas

Shane is so full of confidence with a bright demeanor about himself that attracts attention as soon as he enters a room. He has a way about himself that can have a room rolling with laughter or interested in what he has to say. Shane is a knower of all things from pop culture and football to history and science. There is not a person around who can outwit Shane. He does however, practice being respectful and humble to those who are his elders by using manners. Shane has a big love of everything Star Wars! He maintains that the originals are his favorite, but he has enjoyed the new spin off series such as The Mandalorian. This is definitely an area where he has shown his expertise, and he hopes to one day visit Disney World to immerse himself in the Star Wars Park! Shane is a lover of all genres of movies, don't be surprised if he drags you to the newest flick and asks for some popcorn. He enjoys all things outdoors. When he is in outside in his element, this is when he is the happiest and will generally be found lounging in a hammock or just out for a leisurely stroll. Shane also likes to go camping and explore. He has an affinity for football and basketball, but he prefers basketball more, especially when March Madness comes around. It is during this season where Shane is found creating his dream bracket and brushing up on players stats. When it comes to school, Shane is very smart. He gets along well with his peers and enjoys hanging out with friends. He has a very animated personality, that will charm you into wishing you met him sooner.

Shane will benefit from a two-parent family with other children in the home. He would really like siblings with whom he can do fun activities with. Shane thrives in a structured home environment and needs a family who can support him with this education. He would benefit with a family that spends a lot of time on outdoor adventures, travels, and can also enjoy his love of sports! Shane will thrive with an active family who can provide opportunities for him to stay busy and learn new things. Like any kid his age, he needs some time to build a relationship with you and fully trust you, but once you show him you are there for him, he will be comfortable enough to let you fully in his life!

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