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Shanyah from Texas



from Texas

Sha'Nyah is outgoing young lady. She is very bright youth that loves school. Sha'Nyah actively participates in classroom activities and consistently makes the honor roll. Engaging with peers in her after-school program is one of her favorite things. Sha'Nyah's bold personality is often displayed when she engages in conversations with peers and adults. She has had some challenges with rejections; however, with her support system, she works hard to overcome her disappointments by keeping a positive outlook on what life will look like in her own forever family. She is a communicator and likes her thoughts to be heard. She challenges herself to learn from mistakes and strives to work through her life challenges because she desires to be a good person. Sha'Nyah has a smile and personality that can warm up any family's heart.

Sha'Nyah's forever family will will provide a patient, nurturing, and highly structured forever home. Her family will be positive and will reassure her that she is in a safe, stable, and loving environment. Quality time will help foster a new foundation of success in Sha'Nyah's life.

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