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Sharai from Texas



from Texas

Sharai is a very bright, outgoing, and determined young woman with aspirations of becoming a successful adult. She likes to draw and spend time listening to music. She does well in school and hopes to attend college one day. She enjoys interacting with her peers, going out, and participating in activities. Sharai is very hopeful for the future, even though she doesn't know what that may look like. She likes to build genuine connections with people. She desires to be accepted for who she is as a person and hopes that when people see her, they understand that she is loving, intelligent, willing, and hopeful for what may come her way. Sharai will be a great addition to a loving, supportive, and caring forever family.

Sharai will do well in a single or two-parent home. Sharai will do well if there were other children or pets in the home. Sharai's family will allow her to express who she is, understand her style, listen, and support her future.Her family will provide structure and patience. She will like to have a family who will allow her to contact her grandmother.

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