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Silas from Texas



from Texas

Silas is a precious, sweet young boy. He enjoys independent play especially being outside in the sandbox, running, and on the trampoline. He is healthy and enjoys being active. He also likes to play on his tablet and watch Disney movies and cartoons like Sponge Bob. Silas enjoys having books read to him and turning the pages all my himself. He likes cars and playing soccer outside. He tries to dress and feed himself. He can be a picky eater with certain textured foods. Silas is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. He is more successful with a strict schedule and monitoring. At times, he can become more anxious in public. Silas is dependent on caregivers to meet his daily needs. He needs one-on-one attention when completing schoolwork. Silas's can scribble with crayons and make circles. He can also identify letters, numbers, or colors. He can hold a crayon with a palm grasp. He is able to identify numbers 1-20. He identifies them on his tablet and he can point to the numbers on the table when they are mixed up and out of order. He is working hard to reach his full potential. He is non-verbal but he is learning hand signals to communicate. Silas will be a great addition to a loving a caring forever family.

Silas' forever family will always meet his day to day needs. His family will be understanding of parenting a child with developmental delays. Silas' family will be nurturing and understanding of his lifelong needs but able to see the importance of encouraging him to reach his potential.

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