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Steven from Texas



from Texas

Steven enjoys meeting new people and has a very friendly personality. He is outgoing and easy to talk with. Steven enjoys sharing his experiences and adventures. He makes friends easily and is always willing to listen to his friends when they are having problems or when they need guidance. Steven is very creative and likes to keep busy with building or making things. He enjoys small crafts and making things out of craft supplies. Steven enjoys being active. He enjoys riding bikes or racing with his friends. Steven also likes playing sports like football and soccer, anything that lets him show off his fast running speed. He enjoys playing video games and has a good knowledge of games. Steven likes to dress nicely, and he takes pride in his appearance.

Steven will do best in a two-parent household who is patient and understanding. Having a home that is stable, consistent, and enjoys being active will be ideal for Steven. He would prefer being the eldest child in the home. Steven will thrive in a family who enjoys socializing and having deep conversations.

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