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Ta'sai from Texas



from Texas

Ta'Si is a charming, athletic and smart child. He loves to learn and participate in class. His favorite subject in school is Math and his least favorite subject is History. He enjoys playing sports and is involved in basketball, football and track in school. His favorite color is green, and he loves to wear sneakers. Ta'Sai is a very active child and likes to go on outings to the movies, water parks and the pool. He also likes to play video games as well as play outside with his friends. He helps with household chores and is a team player. He is a good listener and is considerate of others. Ta'Sai has a great personality and smiles a lot. He enjoys making people laugh and likes to laugh as well.

Ta'Sai's forever family will be one who will be supportive of his active lifestyle by helping him enroll in sports and have him be active in activities. His family will help him with his studies or locate resources to ensure that he is successful in school. He would like a family to guide him into adulthood and help him learn how to drive, learn how to budget, and help him apply for college. Ta'Sai would like a family who is loving and caring towards him and will be able to guide him through challenges that he may encounter. A family that will be willing to help encourage a healthy lifestyle and help him find a good mentor.

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