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Tiffany from Texas



from Texas

Tiffany is a talented and beautiful young lady. She is described as friendly and personable. She is very athletic and likes to be involved in sports with volleyball being her preferred sport. She is naturally athletically inclined and excels at any sport she engages in. She has a beautiful voice and likes to sing. She is even involved in the choir. Tiffany is also very intelligent, and her favorite subject is science. She either wants to be a scientist or doctor when she grows up. She enjoys reading. Tiffany likes to stay busy and enjoys doing arts and crafts in her spare time. She puts her creative streak to use through sewing. She likes to play video games and watch anime. The one thing Tiffany wants the most in life is a family. Visit us at the Heart Gallery of West Texas.

Tiffany's family will offer positive guidance and support. She needs to be in an environment where she will receive a lot of individual attention. Her ideal family will offer Tiffany unconditional love and patience as she adjusts to her forever home. Her forever family will be one who likes to plan activities as a family. Tiffany's family will be resourceful.

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