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Tr'aron from Texas



from Texas

Tr'aron is a sweet, fun, and energetic boy. He is playful and enjoys outdoor activities like riding his scooter or bike, hiking, swimming, fishing, and camping. Tr'aron would like to learn to roller skate. He enjoys playing with his peers. Tr'aron also enjoys drawing pictures. He is interested in singing and enjoys music, but is a little shy when performing in front of others. Tr'aron has an interest in learning to play the flute. He enjoys school and does well academically. His favorite subject is science and he enjoys reading. Tr'aron likes to play sports, such as football and basketball. He is interested in other sports as well. Tr'aron enjoys going out to places like the carnival, rodeo, movies, and on vacation. He has a respectful and polite personality. Tr'aron makes an effort to take responsibility and he continues to work on ways of expressing his feelings. He will apologize for his actions and continues to learn to express his feelings. Tr'aron is helpful in the household; he knows to keep his room clean and is responsible for picking up his toys in the common areas of his residence. His favorite foods are spaghetti, tamales, and pizza. However, he does not like spicy foods. His favorite dessert is ice cream and honey buns.

Tr'Aron will do best in a two-parent or a single parent home that has an involved support system. He will benefit from a family who is structured and provides him with age-appropriate discipline and limits. Tr'Aron loves to participate in sports, so it would be ideal for his family to be active and involved in different activities. He really wants a family who shares a close connection and spends a lot of time together as a family. His family will advocate for his educational needs. Tr'aron will thrive in a family who engages in child-parent projects, goes on family outings, and travels.

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