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Tristan from Texas



from Texas

Tristan is a very active child, who is full of energy. He can say his ABC's and identify different colors. He also knows his numbers pretty well. He loves playing with his toys, including balls of all sizes. Tristan loves lining up his balls by size then by color. His favorite ball is a soccer ball; however, he does not play the sport. He enjoys being outdoors and playing outside. He enjoys playing with his tablet and listening to music and songs from movies. Tristan is very active, so he will require close supervision. He likes to play with other kids. Although he is currently improving his communication, he still has challenges. He warms up to new people slowly and carefully. He thrives off of a structured routine and he enjoys being outside. Tristan loves be in the water, it could be swimming or splash pads, he loves water. Often after bathes he can stay another ten to fifteen minutes so that he can play in the water.

Tristan's forever family will be very kind, loving, patient and have the desire to work with children who have special needs. He thrives off of a structured routine and would do best with a family that can provide this environment. He would like to remain in state.

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