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Tristan from Texas



from Texas

Tristan is a spirited boy, who has a way of making his needs known. If he is excited about something you will know! For the most part, he has a happy disposition. Tristan loves music and will bounce or dance to the music. He is very passionate about songs and tends to have favorites that he wants to listen to on repeat! Tristan also likes to watch cartoons or funny internet videos. His sweet laugh can be infections. He loves going on walks and being outdoors. He also loves playing in the water and enjoys splashing his caregivers playfully. He is loving towards adults and wants to be held or sit in your lap. He enjoys cuddling up on the couch at the end of a long day. His caregivers describe him as a big teddy bear! Tristan is a sweet child who just wants to be cuddled and return the affection he craves.

Tristan's forever family will be able to meet his physical, mental, emotional, and medical needs. Tristan requires a lot of appointments, and his family will need to be able and willing to meet his needs. Tristan's will thrive in a structured home with a consistent daily routine. Tristan is very loving and affectionate, and his family will be able to meet his emotional needs and be patient when he is trying to communicate. He would do best in a home with experience in caring for someone with high needs. Tristan requires constant supervision. Tristan will add fun and adventure to your life!

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