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Tristan from Texas



from Texas

Tristan is a fun-loving youth. He is smart and loves to learn about history. Tristan especially likes to learn about war history and even imagines what it would be like to be alive during those times. He enjoys learning about other cultures and what sets different groups of people apart. Tristan enjoys playing video games and watching YouTube videos. He is easy-going and easy to talk to. Tristan is great at analyzing information and seeks to understand the "why" of things better. He would like to be adopted and considers adoption as a way to increase the support he would have in his life. Tristan looks forward to beginning high school and does not know his plans after graduation. Tristan will be a great addition to a loving forever family.

Tristan would do well in a two-parent home with a mom and dad. Tristan looks for motherly love and care. However, he needs a male role model to whom he can look up to and have guidance. Tristan does well with other children in the home. Tristan wants to have a family and feel like he is a part of that family.

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