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Tyler from Texas



from Texas

Tyler is a positive youth who enjoys learning new things. He loves to play with dinosaurs and is very helpful. He is a sweetheart and loves getting attention and when others listen to him. He likes playing with children his own age, going to the movies, and on outings. He prefers a small group learning setting at school. He enjoys participating in the Special Olympics bowling games. He also enjoys learning about all the different types of dinosaurs. He is affectionate, kind and has an amazing memory. He is particularly fond of Lego play sets and building Lego play cities. He also loves all superheroes such as, Superman and Batman, and all the Marvel heroes. He has a vivid imagination. He can read very well on his own and is improving every day. Tyler is quite independent and is able to take care of his own personal hygiene needs but may need occasional reminders. He takes pride in being able to do these things for himself. He tries his best to accomplish tasks that are given to him. Tyler receives supportive services at school and he is improving daily. Even though Tyler has a diagnosis of ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder, he always amazes everyone with his will power and progress.

Tyler will do best in a one or two parent household with either younger or older siblings. Tyler gets along well with his peers and older children. Tyler needs a home with structure and routines. He responds well to praise when he accomplishes a goal. Tyler needs patient parents who are willing to help him continue to engage in activities that increase his self-esteem. The ideal family will be active and enjoy staying busy in order to keep up Tyler.

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