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Tyler from Texas



from Texas

Tyler is on the move and headed straight your way with his zest for life and caring heart. He is hoping to find a forever family who will give him a chance to explore his hopes and dreams. Tyler loves video games and anything about them. He also enjoys playing outside with anyone who is willing to join him in whatever the adventure is for the day. Among some of Tyler's favorite things are video games, Legos, and dinosaurs. He enjoys building things with his Legos. He also loves to draw. He needs to have structure in his day to day environment and requires some motivation.

Tyler's forever family will patiently redirect and keep him busy in a direction fitting to his individual talents and gifts. He will benefit from a family who is active and is able to help him feel like he is the center of attention in a healthy and appropriate way. Commitment, time, patience, consistency, structure, and fun are some of the important gifts Tyler needs to find a place he can call home.

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