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Victor from Texas



from Texas

Victor is a kind and shy teenage boy. He enjoys solving Rubik's cubes and reading comic books. Sports hold a special place in his heart, with basketball being his favorite sport. Victor enjoys school, with math being his preferred subject. He also enjoys playing video games, one of his favorite games currently is NBA 2k. Victor loves to listen to all different genres of music. He is an adventurous youth who likes meeting new people and going to new places, although he also appreciates his alone time and enjoys hanging out at home. Victor is not a picky eater, and he enjoys eating and trying new food. Some of his favorite foods include pizza, chicken alfredo, and cheeseburgers. Victor values friendships and enjoys quality time with friends and family.

Victor will thrive in a two-parent household. He does best in a structured home with a regular schedule with designated time for homework as well as a designated time for "fun." Victor needs a loving home as he has a lot of love to give. He likes to have his privacy and his alone time. A family with no children or adult children would be best for Victor.

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